Do you feel sluggish? Do you have food cravings daily? Are you dealing with constant pain and an aching body? Do you always feel tired or run on low energy? You may be suffering from the 3-T’s – Toxins, Traumas and Thoughts.

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I am dedicated to educating, empowering and awakening people to a whole body approach for the individual care of health.  This begins with understanding the three T’s – Toxins, Traumas and Thoughts.  When you combine this with a full understanding of how your body operates, metabolizes food and heals itself, you can live more vibrantly and operate at peak performance levels.

My methodology is based in real world, practical solutions that are medically proven.

I believe we should all be focused on the care of our health and as a society, we need to redefine what healthcare means.

Are you ready to increase your energy while shedding excess weight and creating a healthy lifestyle?

You are ready for the G-Zone and Dr. Mark.