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Dr. Mark began his career as a bioanalytical scientist.  After spending five years conducting research & development, he decided that he wanted to pursue his doctorate degree.  Upon completion of his Chiropractic degree, he opened his own clinic and with his drive, desire and passion for serving people, he quickly built one of the largest Chiropractic clinics in the state of Michigan.

Dr. Mark has a personal passion for assisting people to achieve the ultimate in holistic health.  After extensive research, he began his work when his son was diagnosed with autism.  Through a customized plan involving numerous lifestyle-enhancing strategies, his son is now a mainstream young man that is excelling in music and attending college in Sydney, Australia.

This led him to incorporate a complete offering of holistic products and services in his practice. He now shows people how to apply his Whole Body Wellness Solutions to get them to the next level in health, happiness and life.  With the addition of these services, Dr. Mark now operates one of the largest Natural Health Clinics in North America.

He is also co-founder of McCullough Health Centers where he trains and provides practice management support services to doctors in Natural Whole Body Health so they can provide a robust whole-health solution to their patients.  His innovative strategies, inspiration and passion in this field has led him to be named primary consultant to clinics throughout the United States.

Dr. Mark owns a Functional Fitness (Crossfit Affiliate) center in Battle Creek, Michigan and was selected as the Team Physician for Team Active Cycling and Multisport.  In 2009 he was sponsored by a Type-1 Diabetic Team (Triabetes) at the Phoenix, AZ Ironman and was among the world’s fastest time for a diabetic.  Since then, he has completed numerous 50k and 70k races in addition to several marathons.  He has achieved national qualifying times in Master’s swimming two consecutive years and is currently training to compete in another Ironman and looking towards an ultra race (120k) in the next few years.
He has been seen in the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal in addition to him hosting a weekly radio show.  He is co-author of One-Minute Wellness with Ken Blanchard and is the author of G-Zone, the Secret to Losing Weight, Increasing Energy & Creating Optimal Health (due out January 2013).

Dr. Mark is a Michigan native who earned his B.S. in Chemistry and completed his graduate work at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  He and his wife of 20 years, Missy, have two children (Macy and Jake) and live in Battle Creek, Michigan.  In his spare time, Dr. Mark enjoys traveling and training for new adventurous sports and races.