Chiropractor writes book, runs race


Glucose is a subject local chiropractor, Dr. Mark McCullough, knows intimately. Living with Type 1 Diabetes himself, he’s experienced first hand how intense a relationship our bodies have with the food we consume. Recently published, The G-Zone; Glucose…the Secret to Losing Weight, Increasing Energy, and Maintaining Optimal Health, takes readers on a journey of metabolic transformation through personal struggle and insights, as well as scientific and behavioral principles. (See for more information on obtaining a copy of this revolutionary book.)

As Dr. Mark sees it, though, having this disease may be more of a blessing than a curse. “Eating trashy food leads to metabolic dysfunction – always. That’s when you get diagnosed with your Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Obesity, Neurodegeneration, Organ System Failure (think heart, kidneys, liver), and finally Early Death. For me, having Type 1 Diabetes has simply brought to light an immediate and imperative need for me to eat what will keep my body functioning at peak performance.”

And good thing too, for peak performance is just what Dr. Mark draws on to compete in events such as ultra-running, which is defined as running any distance over 50 kilometers, as well as triathlons. Dr. Mark ran Ironman Arizona, a “Triabetes” Triathlon, in November of 2009. Next week, he is headed to Huntington Beach, CA to compete in the 2013 Ragnar SoCal relay. Put on by Insulindependence, an organization whose aim is to revolutionize diabetes manage

ment by empowering individuals to better manage their diabetes through active living, Ragnar is the overnight running relay race that makes testing limits a team sport. A team is made up of 6 – 12 individuals; each individual runs three legs of the race, which may vary in difficulty and distance, from 3 – 8 miles, allowing elite and novice runners to run together. In this upcoming race, over 2 days and 1 night, teams will run across 200 miles from Huntington Beach, CA to Embarcadero Marina Park South, CA.

According to Dr. Mark, “I am running Ragnar SoCal because I love what Insulindependence stands for. Because of this, I believe that a group of people can make a much bigger impact on those in need of hope, help, and encouragement than just one person. And through feats such as this race, the platform can continue to be laid to get more involved because the mission of this organization is much bigger than a human…it’s about humanity! Inspiring those who can also inspire creates a culture of positive change….I’m jacked about getting to it. Thanks to all that make this possible!”